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Free hosting sites

Free Hosting Sites Lists 1 ) x10hosting (Share PHP Hosting) Official Website Free Hosting features : Unlimited  Disk space . Unlimited Transfer . cPanel 11 . full control of your web hosting environment backed by industry-leading technology. And its all free. Free hosting includes PHP 5, MySQL . Auto install scripts such as Joomla, […]

Free CDN Lists (Content Delivery Network) :-

What Is a Content Delivery Network Content delivery networks use multiple servers in many geographic locations that improve deliveries of static and streaming content. Global content requests automatically get routed to the closest servers, speeding up page loads, maximizing bandwidth and providing identical content regardless of Internet- or site-traffic spikes. Depending on traffic and number […]

Free Antivirus Lists:-

1.Avast Free Antivirus:- Avast Free Antivirus provides the extremely important security you need to protect your PC from hackers. Features:- Antivirus and Anti-malware Home Network Security Browser Cleanup SmartScan Download link :- 2.AVG AntiVirus Free:- Award-winning antivirus Detects, blocks & removes virus and spyware. Features:- Blocks Viruses, Spyware and Malware Protects from Malware infected […]

How to secure WIFI device/router?

“Do not attempt to troubleshoot, repair, or modify any device without understanding and following all of the relevant safety guidelines!” Here is a step by step procedure on how you should configure the router and prevent intruders from entering into your wireless network. Do note that though routers from various manufacturers have different interfaces, the […]

Internet Safety guide for beginners

Avoid using same passwords Many of us have habit to choose same passwords for all our social media, email or bank accounts. The reason for choosing same password is that it becomes easy to remember for all our important accounts. But this habit can create a big problem for you if any one of the […]