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Information About TryStack Free Service

About TryStack   Trystack is a good platform only for testing purposes it is free to use and they are using KVM visualization on OpenStack Runs on X86 platform architecture . For example developer can test their application or Test code in different platform CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE Note “Instances aredeleted after 24 Hours therefore […]

Free Cloud Web Security Websites Lists

( Security-as-a-Service Lists For Secure Websites) 1) Cloudbric Cloudbric provide free Full Web security for Websites. For Example Advanced DDOS Protection, SSL Support, WebOptimization,WAF (Web Application Firewall)Brute Force Protection , Spam Protection. And Free Usageupto 4 GB Traffic Per Month. Check thelink for more information 2) Cloudflare Cloudflare provide Basic Web Cloudsecurity . For Example […]

Best Plugins For WordPress

About Plugin With help of plugin you can extend functionality into WordPress cms that already exit in WordPress core. Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can adjust their site to their specific needs. 1) Add Meta Tags Add basic meta tags and also support Opengraph, Microdata, Twitter Cards and […]

Free Domain Names

About Domain Name Domain names are used to identify one or more ip address . Domain names are used in web browser address bar to identify particular webpages. For example in the URL . 1) Freenom Free domains work exactly like any other domain name. You can use it for your website, your blog, […]

Free Server Monitoring Sites :-

About Server Monitoring Server Monitoring is a process to monitor server’s system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc.   1) Nodequery (Linux) More than 2100 users are already using NodeQuery to monitor servers and checkyour servers health, availability and performance. Visit Below Official Site For More Information :- […]

Free Web Browsers For PC and Mobile

About Web Browser   A computer program with a graphical user interface(GUI) for displayingDynamic And Static Contents, used to navigate the World Wide Web(WWW) and your favorite websites . 1) Mozilla FireFox Mozilla Firefox is a fast and stable Web Browser. Firefox support pop-up blocker, tab-browsing, integrated with Google search, privacy controls and some additional […]

Free DNS Hosting Lists

About DNS (Domain Name System)   DNS is means Domain Name System it translate Domain name into IP Address . Domain names are alphabetic, they are easier to remember.For example, the domain name might translate to it runs on Port 53 . 1) NSONE   NSONE is like air traffic control for your […]

Free SSL Certificates :-

About SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL use for establishing an encryptedconnectionbetween a web server and a browser. Thisconnectionensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and it runs on 443 port .   1) StartSSL (Valid 1 Year Trial )   The StartSSL Free (Class 1) […]

How to install Monitorix in RedHat/Fedora/CentOS/ Debian/Ubuntu to Monitor Linux Server?

About Monitorix Monitorix is a free and also open source system monitoring toolfor Linux Server (VPS/Dedicated Server Users) you canmonitor services and system resources . Official Site:- Installation steps for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora: Step 1 :Installation on a RedHat/CentOS/Fedora. yum install monitorix -y Step 2: Now start Monitorix Service. service monitorix start Step 3: Now access […]