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How to secure your WordPress CMS with Two Factor Authentication

About Two Factor Authentication Two factor  authentication  provide  extra security  layer  also know as multi factor authentication. After enter your  username and  password  you must  enter  security code . You  can secure your Yahoo Account , Gmail Account, Facebook Account  and Twitter Account with Two Factor Authentication . If bad guy knows your  password still cannot […]

How to install WordPress from Cpanel

About Cpanel The Cpanel? means? control panel . From? Cpanel you can easily host and manage your Website. Most of shared hosting provides Cpanel . Cpanel support useful features? like? FTP Service ,? File Manager,? Mail Service ,? DNS Management, Softaclulous etc Steps for Install WordPress (CMS)? From Cpanel Steps 1:? First login into […]

How to install xampp and configure wordpress in windows ?

Introduction About WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular Content Managment System (CMS) Tool like Joomla and Drupal . Any one ?can easily?manage ?and create blog or Personal and Business?Website. Official WordPress Website   Requirement For Run ?Wordpress ?CMS Apache Mysql php phpmyadmin OR XAMPP (All require package?integrated ) XAMPP ?Installation Steps Step […]

Best Plugins For WordPress

About Plugin With help of ?plugin ? you can extend ?functionality ?into WordPress cms that already exit in WordPress core. Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can adjust their site to their specific needs. 1) ?Add Meta Tags Add basic meta tags and also support ?Opengraph, Microdata, Twitter Cards […]

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