About ionCube24

ionCube24 Provide ServerMonitoring . Intrusion Protection and also blocks malware attack into php sites. They provide Free 30 days trail and Paid Service Both.




LatestionCube loader , Any php sites, Apache

Configuration and installation of ionCube Loader in ubuntu 14.04

Step 1 Go to this link https://www.ioncube.com/loaders.phpofficial ionCubeOfficial Site.

Step 2 Download zip or tgz file from Loader Wizardand uploadinto web root directory for example.


Loader Wizard use for configure and install ioncube loader .

Step 3 Extract compress file in your web root directory.

Step 4 Run loader wizard into browser.

http://your ip/ioncube/loader-wizard.php

Step 5 Wizard Successfully loaded then three option will display for Configuration chooseappropriate option click on next

Configuration selection


Step 6Installation ionCube Loaderinstruction will display. Configure ioncube loader in your systemas per instruction then click on“click here for test loader”

 Installation ionCube Loader instruction


Step 7 If everything done properly this successful message will display.

successful message

Instruction for configure with ionCube24 Website

Steps 1 Access ionCube24 Website from this linkhttps://ioncube24.com/login and login with your Username and Password. If you are new user click here forregistrationhttps://ioncube24.com/signup

Step 2 After Login Server overview screen display their click on Add aserver new server

Add a server new server


Step 3 In new add server section add any server name as you like then click on create .

Step 4 Now Add your first domain that youwant to use and click on check if your domain use https then click on Add buttion.

Add your first domain

Step 5 ionCube24 php script installation screen will display. You find two option Go tofirst step click oncreate download tokenThetoken willgenerated download token from givenlinkinto your workingweb root directory. Now go second step for testaccessibilityafter all doneclick on continue

 ionCube24 php script installation

Step 7 ionCube loader installation screen will display but skip this there is no need install againjust click on continue because we already installionCube loader .

Step 8 Now php.ini configure screen will displayjust copy all entires and past into your this php.inilocation


After copy all entires reboot apache service

service apache2 restart

Then click on continue for next processor

php.ini configuration


Step 9 Everything done successful this message display “setup completed “

if this type status in your main accountthat means everything done properly and working nicely

Domain Status