About Sentora Control Panel

Sentora is a good free control panel for Web Hosting in Linuxplatform . From Sentora Panel you caneasilymanage any php websites For example you can edit code and change it easily even you can create database from mysql and you manage database with help of phpMyAdmin. This control panel is based on zpanel http://www.zpanelcp.com/

OfficialSite :

Requirement :

CentOS 6,CentOS 7,Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Note :

Install this control panel only in freshOSLinux (minimal) without any Apache, php, Ftp,MySql so on…
And also you have to set up cname record in your DNS settings for the sub-domain for example cpanel.yourwebsitename.com that will assigned to Sentora Control Panel.

Installation Steps :

Once you logged in your console as root privilege , use below command line:

bash <(curl -L -Ss http://sentora.org/install)

Or you can do it manually :

Step 1: Login into your server as root user.

sudo su-


Step 2 : Now download the installation file for sentora cpanel from below command.

wget sentora.org/install


Step 3: Now make the installer executable file.

chmod +x install


Step 4: Now run the installer file.



Step 5: Follow the instructions during the installation.

  • Select your Geographic area for your Time Zone then click on ok.step-5-select-geographic-area
  • Now select your city or region for your Time Zone then click on ok.step-6-select-time-zone
  • Enter your sub-domain for examplecpanel.yourwebsitename.com then press enter.step-7-enter-your-sub-domain
  • Enter VPS/Dedicated public ip such as then press enter .step-8-enter-vps-dedicated-public-ip
  • Now some warning message will display for setup sentora just write y (Accept and Install) then press enter.step-9-warning-message-for-setup-sentora
  • Installation will started and wait few minutes for completion.step-10-installation-is-started
  • When required files installation completed for run main SentoraControl Panel some important details will display as shown in below image copy that details past it some safe place in your computer. Such as you can use notepad.

Step 6 : Now reboot your server this process is required. For reboot server write y therefore sentora panel works properly .

Step 7 : After reboot your Linuxserver enter your VPS/Dedicated server ip into your favorite browser for example and then enter default username as a zadmin and password from your login detailsthen pressLogin buttonfor login intosentora control panel.


Step 8 : In this last step you will see mainsentora control panel same as below image.