About Cpanel

The Cpanel means control panel . From Cpanel you can easily host and manage your Website. Most of shared hosting provides Cpanel .

Cpanel support useful features like FTP Service , File Manager, Mail Service , DNS Management, Softaclulous etc


Steps for Install WordPress (CMS) From Cpanel

Steps 1: First login into your Cpanel . Enter your Username and Password .

Steps 2: We will use Softaclulous Auto Installer. Because it is very easy and fast process to setup WordPress . Softaclulous support 397 scripts. The main advantage of Softaclulous is you not need to create database or download WordPress.Softaculous tool automatically will do require process for your wordpress website .

Now go to Softaclulous App Installer section from your Cpanel .

Steps 3: From Softaclulous App Installer section select WordPress from the list.

softaclulous apps installer

Steps 4: Now you will see WordPress information installation panel . Click on Install Now button .

wordpress install panel

Steps 5: WordPress Setup Screen will appear. Enter the require details in the Software Setup, Site Settings and Admin account other fields are optional . After fields all require details click on Install button .

wordpress setup screen

Software Setup:-
1) Choose Protocol :
Select http://www or if you enable SSL then select https://www from drop down list.
2) Choose Domain :Select Domain from drop down list that you want use in WordPress.
3) In Directory :Remove“wp”and leave it black .

Sites Settings :-
1) Site Name :
Enter your website title that you want to use.
2) Site Description: Enter short description about your website.
3) Enable Multisite (WPMU): unchecked tick from checkbox if you not want host multisite in your WordPress .

Admin Account :-
1) Admin Username :
Remove Default user “Admin” from textbox and enter your Username that you use for access into WordPress backend.
2) Admin Password :Remove DefaultPassword “Pass” from textbox and enter your Password that you use for access into WordPress backend.
3) Admin Email : Enter your email address in textbox that you want to use in your WordPress Website . this is field useful you want recover your forget backend password.

Step 6 : Now wait for 3 to 4 minutes to complete setup of WordPress

install process of wordpress

Step 7: If WordPress install without any issue . Next successfully message page will display with Front End andBackEnd Access Link .

installation of wordpress successfully completed

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