Introduction About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Managment System (CMS) Tool like Joomla and Drupal .
Any one ?can easily?manage ?and create blog or Personal and Business?Website.

Official WordPress Website


Requirement For Run ?Wordpress ?CMS

  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • php
  • phpmyadmin


  • XAMPP (All require package?integrated )

XAMPP ?Installation Steps

Step 1 😕?Download ?xampp ?from this?official?Website link .


Step 2 ?: After Download ?Double Click on setup ?icom for run xampp installation .

XAMPP Setup Icon

Step 3: ? After ? run ?setup ?of ?Xampp Welcome dialog box? will ?display .

Welcome screen

Step 4:?Click ?on next button ? then select Components ?list ?from dialog box? ?choose appropriate option for run website .

Select Components

Step 5: After select?option ?click on next button. ?Installation path option ?dialog box display.

Installation path

Step 6: ? After set installation path ?Bitnami free installer?Information? dialog box display where you can download any cms like wordpress drupal ?so on ?from this optional link ?below :


Bitnami free installer Info Screen

Step 7:?Click on next button ?ready to install dialog ?box will display

Ready for install

Step 8: Click on next button ?xampp installation process will started ?it take 10 to 15 minutes depends on system load and speed.

Setup Begins

Step 9; ? ?After installation process complete ?below?dialog box display click on finish button .

Installation Completed

Step 10: In Final step ??After installation process ?complete open xampp control panel and start apache and mysql service.

XAMPP Control Panel


Create Database from phpmyadmin?steps below?

Step 1: ?For ? locally access to phpmyadmin click on Admin? from mysql section or ? use this link .


Step 2: ?From ?phpmyadmin ? click on create database for wordpress connectivity.

Create Database

Step 3: ?For create user and password go to?Privileges option .



Step 4: ?Now click on Add new user ?from their add your??username and password, hostname “localhost’ for database .

Create User


Step 5: Also click on Check ?all for ?full ? permission ?for access database .

Set Permission

Step 6: ? After give permission ?Click on Go ?for apply or save settings.


Configuration and Installation of?WordPress steps

Step 1: ? Download ?zip from this wordpress?official site link below .


Step 2: ?After ?Download complete first ?unzip ?wordpress-4.4.2 ?then cut wordpress folder from ?wordpress-4.4.2

Step 3 : Put wordpress folder into ?this location ?where you install xampp ?into htdoc Root Directory

For example my location is


Step 4 : ?After copy WordPress ?content for access locally WordPress site use ?this link below .


Step 5 : ? Select your prefer ?WordPress ?language ?from lists for example English (United States) then Click on Continue .

Language Selection


Step 6 : ?Database Field Information page will display ?read?instruction properly then click on Lets go.

Database field information welcome screen


Step 7: ?Field your ?Database ?connection details for connectivity to?WordPress then click on Submit button.

Database Field Details

Step 8: ?Successfully connected to your database ?this message will display in ?page then click on?Run the install ?.

Database successful connected message

Step 9:??WordPress?website field information page?will display their Enter your website details then click on Install WordPress .

Website form Details welcome screen

Step 10: ? After Successfully?install WordPress ?below message will display in page then click on login .

Wordpress successfully install

Step 11: ?Login page will display ? default?backend ?local location


Step 12: Finally Login with your username and password into your?Dashboard? that setup in Step 9

Wordpress Login page