About Two Factor Authentication

Two factor  authentication  provide  extra security  layer  also know as multi factor authentication. After enter your  username and  password  you must  enter  security code . You  can secure your Yahoo Account , Gmail Account, Facebook Account  and Twitter Account with Two Factor Authentication . If bad guy knows your  password still cannot gain access into your account.

  Steps for Secure WordPress Admin Dashboard 

Step 1:  Either download  Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication plugin  from this link  https://wordpress.org/plugins/miniorange-2-factor-authentication  or Search  from your WordPress plugin section and then click on Install Now button.


Step 2:   Click on Activate button for  Enable Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication plugin.


Step 3:  Click on miniOrange2-Factor from left side panel.


Step 4: Register  your account with miniOrange from Account Setup Tab.


Step 5: Login with miniOrange from Account Setup Tab.


Step 6: Now Click on  Setup 2 Factor Tab  find  Authy 2-Factor Authentication then click  Radio/Circle  button.


Step 7:  Configure with Authy 2  Factor Authentication app  under this section click on Next.

step-7-configure-with-authy-2-factor-authentication-app-under-this-section-click-on-nextStep 8: Set up Authy 2-Factor Authentication App.

  •   Install Authy 2-Factor Authentication App in your Android/iOS.
  •   Now Open and configure Authy 2-Factor Authentication App.
  •   Tab on Add Account and tap on SCAN QR CODE  in your App and scan the   QR Code .


Step 9: Once you have scan QR CODE enter verification code generated by  Authentication app Click on Verify and Save button.


Step 10:  Now Configure alternate 2 factor method so that you not lock out of your account in case you lost or forget your mobile for configure click on  “Click here”  link from top highlight  text for next step  .


Step 11:   Now Configure Second Factor . From first two section select your question from drop down list and   give answer   and  from third section  create  your own question and give answer.



That’s it , You successfully configure Two Factor Authentication. Now your WordPress Admin Dashboard access is secure with Two Factor Authentication.