About UpdraftPlus

Updraftplus is a plugin for WordPress CMS and this is useful tool for backup and restore. With Updraftplus plugin you can easily take backup of themes, plugin, whole database include that you create posts and pages etc and upload images and some extra contents. in WordPress and also Updraftplus support different cloud storage for example Google Drive, Dropbox etc . You can use this cloud storage for store backups. In this tutorial I will show you take backup and restore from Dropbox Cloud Storage .

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Steps for take backup of WordPress in Dropbox
(Part 1)

Step 1: Login into your WordPress dashboard then from dashboard right side panel go plugins then click on new plugin .

Step 2 : Search for Updraftplus and your that search will display in Search Results column .

Step 3: Click on Install Now button for install Updraftplus.

Step 4: Click on blue button for Activate Updraftplus plugin.

Step 5: Now go to Settings and then click on Updraftplus Backups.

Step 6: Now go to Settings section from Updraftplus and then select Dropbox after selected just scroll down and then click on Save Changes blue button for save your settings.

Step 7 : From pop up window click on that same written text below link for Authenticate with Dropbox .

Follow this link to authorize access to your Dropbox account (you will not be able to backup to Dropbox without it)


Alternative scroll down and from Authenticate with Dropbox section click on that same written below link for authentication.

After saved your settings ( by clicking save changes below ), then come back here once and click this link to complete authentication with Dropbox.

Step 8: Enter your username and password of your Dropbox account for link with UpdraftPlus .

Step 9: UpdraftPlus will ask your permission to access into own folder inside your Dropbox click on Allow button .

Step 10: To complete setup link with Dropbox press the Complete setup button below.

Step 11: UpdraftPlus successfully authenticated with Dropbox account now click on Backup Now blue button.

Step 12: Do not do anything keep option as it is and click on Backup Now button.

Step 13: Your backup process is started now wait few minutes take some time depends web hosted server network speed .

Step 14: Your back up successfully transfer into remote cloud storage Dropbox.

Steps for Restore WordPress Contents from Dropbox into Web Hosting Cpanel
(Part 2)

Step 1: I will show you how to restore manually into cpanel and this steps remain same if you are migration your WordPress into another hosting before restore your WordPress contents I recommend install first WordPress with help of Softaclulous App Installer Check this link for that steps How to install WordPress from Cpanel or manually download and install it from this link https://wordpress.org/download/

Step 2: Login into your Dropbox account with your username and password then click in Sign in button .

Step 2: Click on Apps folder from files list.

Step 3: Click on UpdraftPlus.com name folder from file list for display your WordPress backup folders lists.

Step 4: Now download all compress files one by one from lists.

Step 5: From cpanel in database section click on phpmyadmin for access into mysql database.

Step 6: Select your WordPress database and then click on check all and from drop down select drop for remove database tables.

Note: This will remove everything from database table create by WordPress

Step 7: Now click on Import tab from phpmyadmin then click on browse for add your backup database with tables from database compress file. for example your database name is backup_2016-12-30-1659_My_Blog_a0d167c8015e-db.gz

Note : Not need to Extract Database file just import it .

Step 8: After you attached your database click on Go button wait few minutes for complete process .

Step 9: In cpanel from Files section click on File Manager.

Step 10: In File Manager double click on wp-content folder.

Step 11: In File Manager click on upload from file menu.

Step 12: Click on Select file blue button for attach and upload plugins and themes .

Step 13: In File Manager from files list right click on compress folder then select Extract.

Note : Rename your compress folders of plugins and themes for example Rename this backup_2016-12-30-1659_My_Blog_a0d167c8015e-themes into just themes same thing for compress plugin folder before you start doing extract that compress folders.

Step 14: Do not changes path and any other changes keep location keep as it is. Just click on Extract files andrepeat same step 13 for other compress .

I hope above steps helpful for WordPress CMS Users 🙂