Avoid using same passwords

Many of us have habit to choose same passwords for all our social media, email or bank accounts. The reason for choosing same password is that it becomes easy to remember for all our important accounts. But this habit can create a big problem for you if any one of the sites is compromised then hackers can easily find password of another account, if they are same. Try to use different passwords or you can do a bit variation in all the passwords which will make you easy to remember.

Avoid clicking on unknown links

We all got spam emails or unknown emails which directs us with some internal links to their website. Avoid clicking on these kinds of links which might spread virus on your computer and might hack all your accounts and passwords. These days shortened URL are used to spread links for websites/blogs but only click on links which you got from reliable resources

Anti-virus Software

This is most important thing to remember. It is not enough to download good Anti-virus software to your system, more important is to keep it updating and keep in ON. Always follows alerts sent by your Anti-virus software companies. Many Anti-viruses has option to update the new version automatically, you should enable that option to make your system more secure.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping is very risky when it comes to security. Many online shopping ask to enter your address, account details and other personal details which can be easily hacked by others. Try to do online shopping on reliable websites and never ever give your personal details. Also, while making a transaction make sure the browser is connected with https and not http.