About Dome9 Cloud Security Service

Dome9 is SaaS ?(Software As a Service) ? security?management?tools?? provide ?security with firewall?management.
For ?new user??just need to sign ?up for free?14 days trail plan .?if you do not ?want?upgrade ?any paid?plan?your account automatically?move??into ?Lite Free?Cloud solution with limited feature support.
Official Website :


Supported ?Operating Systems ?in Linux :
Ubuntu 9.14 to 14.04 (32/64 Bit )? Debian 6, 7
CentOS ?5.6 ?or higher ?Version
RHEL ?5.6 ? ?or ?higher version
Amazon?Linux AMI (32/64 bit)

Installation ?and configuration ?

  • First create ? and register for ?free ?14 days ?trail account.
  • After create account login with your email Id and password ? from this link?https://secure.dome9.com/account/logon
  • Now From Dashboard ?left hand side click on ?Install New Agent? .
  • Now Two options ?will display and ?click on ?second option for setup New Agent for ?Linux.
  • Now follow the instruction ? as below given from ?image . Select Security Groups “DOME9DEFAULT” and Server name As you like“mytest” and then ?copy ?command past into your console then enter
    Dome9 Installation
  • After install Agent successfully by default ?Port 80 and Port 443 are ?Open and Port ?22 ?and ?Port ?3389 ?are Closed for Secure Remote Access ? .?You ?can?change ?this settings?or add new? ports from security group section ?from Inbound Policy ?in? Dome 9
    Set Port Rules in Dom9 Secuity Group
  • If you want to access SSH/RDP ?you can set??lease time for??access into your server ?for example 1 hour, 2 hour or set custom lease time from Get Access .Lease Time.