About ServerPilot

ServerPilot is Web Control Panel easy to use and secure. ServerPilot provide free plan for free to use and automatically install LNAMP Stack (Ngnix(Front-End)+Apache(Back-End), php-fpm, MySql) in your Lunix base virtual private server.

ServerPilot also support Multiple PHP Versions you can use this php versions (5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.o) for run Websites in the same Server and also you can change php version anytime easily.

Note:- ServerPilot not support Openvz Visualization because of support old kernal version v2.6.x

Official Website https://serverpilot.io/

Free Plan Feature

Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Websites
Firewall Configuration
Server Security Updates

ServerPilot Plans information

Minimum Requirment

Kernal Version Support v3.2 or Higher
Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit OR Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 Bit required
RAM: 256 MB or higher

To Connect your server to ServerPilot , require fresh server without any Website, Web Server, DataBase and Mail Server installed.

Installation/configuration steps for connect to ServerPilot

Step 1 : Create free account from this link https://manage.serverpilot.io/#signup

Step 2 : After create account successfully Login wth your username and password from this link https://manage.serverpilot.io/#login

Step 3 : Now click on connect a server from welcome screen.

Connect a Server

Step 4 : Enter your Server IP Address, Server Root Password, and SFTP Password (SFTP Use for transfer files into your apps location) then click on Connect to ServerPilot .

Connet to ServerPilot

Step 5: To connect to server , you need to run ServerPilot installer for that you need to SSH(Remote Access) into your server and copy whole code then hite enter key.

ServerPilot installer

Step 6: Once you hit enter in your SSH Console require components will start installation for run ServerPilot .

Installing Require package for Serverpilot

Step 7: As soon as installation completetion, From your browser LNAMP Stack (Ngnix, Apache, php-fpm, MySql) installation will startedautomatically. Wait 10 to 15 minuntes for complete .

Install process Started

Step 8: Afterinstallation successfully completed you will see below screen, click on Create App for next process.

Installation Successful

Step 9: Now add your details as mention then click on Create App .

Create First Applications

Name : Enter any name as you like for example “WordPress”
Domain: Enter your domain for your website for example “yourdomain.com”
WordPress : Click on check box if you install wordpress cms in your server and Enter your relevant field details like (Title, user, password and your Email Address )
Runtime: Select anyone php versions for your website For example PHP 7.0 . My suggestion is select latest version of php you will get better performance
Server: Select your Server IP Address that you want use for your website.

Finally your Created App is ready to use šŸ™‚